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How to see the northern lights in Stockholm: advice from an amateur aurora hunter

This will be a very long post about how to do your best to have the chance to see the northern lights. And, although it is unintended, that will start testing the most needed skill to see the northern lights: patience . I included "in Stockholm" in the title because it is where I live, it has some special challenges to see the aurora borealis here and this is intended for some friends living in this area. The title could have been "how to see the northern lights for dummies" but that thing for dummies is a trademark. I am trying to use plain language and avoid technical jargon. In fact I am not an expert but only amateur in this field. These recommendations could be also useful for the southern lights or aurora australis. I am going to talk about: 1. What are the northern lights or aurora borealis: the fox, the sun and the magnetic field 2. How to prepare yourself for aurora hunting: take care of yourself 3. Where to be to have the largest chance to s